Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tasting the Wild Blonde

I've decided to sample another brew I made quite awhile back. I brewed it back in March, racked in April and bottled in May. It's now September (almost October) and thought I'd try a bottle. I used Wyeast #3942 for the primary ferment and pitched a whole slew of yeasts from various bottles into the secondary. These yeasts  containted some brettanomyces and God knows what else. Here my notes from Beersmith:

3/29 - No problems with the brew session. Pitched Wyeast #3942 into 80 degree wort.
4/9/12 - Racked to Secondary. Pours very hazy blonde. Smells phenolic with a hint of tropical fruit (guava, mango?) Tastes a bit convential, not quite as complex as I hoped. Perhaps the EC-1118 crowded out the Wyeast. Still a keeper though.
4/13/12 - Added dregs of a 2007 Marriage Parfait bottle.
4/19/12 - Finally some visible action from the Boon dregs. Added some additional dregs from a bottle of New Glarus Imperial Saison. Carboy cannot accept any more -- it is FULL!
5/13/12 - Took a hydrometer sample. Gravity seems to have only fallen a few points, but the flavor profile is much more interesting, slightly tart.
6/3/12 - Bottling. Very clear amber-orange. Smells band aid phenolic at first, then a bit spicy.Very spicy and complex phenols. Bitter finish. A touch "hot" in terms of alcohol. This stuff is gonna sit for awhile. Filled a bunch of bottles, just a couple short of two cases. This stuff will warm condition for a couple weeks and then go get moved to cooler storage, around 68 degrees at Chez Morrison.
6/19/12 - Tested a bottle for carb. Perfect. Very complex and tart. Stashing the rest of this far away.
9/30/12 - Developing quite nicely. Fairly clear and deep golden to light amber in hue. Very fruity nose. Tart apple, pear and candy sugar. Surprisingly creamy mouthfeel, tart and apple-like. Much more tartness than say an Orval, but not as much as say a Jolly Pumplin Oro del Calabaza. The flavor reminds me a bit of the Apfelwein I had a few days ago. It will be interesting to see how this tastes in a year or more.

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