What is Marcobrau?

You may be thinking: what the heck is Marcobrau?

The name Marcobrau is a spin-off of my own name, Marc, and is what I call my homebrew. I started drinking better beer about two years before graduating college in 1993. After graduating, and having more money, I really started to try different imported and craft beers. A few years later, I started to make my own brew. I've been making ales of all varieties using mostly extract and some specialty malts along with hops, yeast and water for quite some time now (since 1994). In the last few years I've been favoring using a partial mash technique. I like my beer and wish everybody could have some, but I can't afford to expand the brewery, so it's only available to my friends and family. Also, if you see me at a local bar and I have some Marcobrau with me, I'm more than likely to share it with you.

Some of you may ask, "Just how did this guy get to like beer so much?"

I think I first discovered beer when I was in the first grade, which I know seems just a little young to be drinking beer. Well, I had just had a sip of my Dad's beer and it was Stroh's. I spit it out immediately. I guess things have changed since then. I re-discovered beer at college (like a lot of people) and found it's effects most entertaining. As I learned about the effects of alcohol (i.e.; hangovers, waking up with people you don't know, etc.) I decided that beer maybe wasn't that cool. This attitude lasted only a brief time until what I call the Great Beer Epiphany.

The epiphany happened in 1992 with my friend Ryan at a bar in Macomb, Illinois, called The Café. At this bar, there were many bottles of beer on the wall (maybe a 100 or more) that were all from different countries! I had never seen so many different beers!! It was here that I tried my first Guinness Stout, my first Sam Adams and so on. There were many other beers of pilsner and ale variety at The Cafe and I tried all of them. What started in Macomb has since led to a hobby of homebrewing and constant appreciation of fine ales (and lagers) from around the world.

My appreciation of beer led to me creating the Marcobrau Beer Pages around 1999, when not that much information about local and craft beer existed on the Internet. I designed the MBP as a guide to beer and my homebrewing hobby; with tasting notes, lists of local, regional pubs and breweries along with articles pertaining to beer-related travels. I created these pages just as blogs started becoming more popular and eventually retired the old clunky web site. (It is no longer updated.)