Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Wyeast 3725/BE-134 saison has turned out pretty well. I'm a bit impressed with the clarity. Of course I gave beer a careful pour, but still impressed. Carbonation is a little lower than I'd like but I prefer that to a beer being over-carbonated. It's an earthy spicy saison with a bit of tartness and a surprisingly luxurious mouthfeel. The nose is rather clean for the style and the bitterness is rather robust. It could almost be a pilsner except for the lack of hop aroma and bubblegummy yeasty esters that linger on the palate. The Goldings really express themselves in this beer giving it a near English IPA hop quality. I would have liked something a little less bitter for this time of year, so I may dip into my stash of saison from last year. I also still have some Kölsch, Bière de Garde and Bière de Juin (which turned out hoppy, but not bitter, like this beer.