Sunday, June 28, 2020

The saison-style beer that I brewed a few weeks ago has been bottled. I ended up adding some BE-134 yeast to speed up the fermentation. The Wyeast 3724 slow down but I think I was just impatient after previously fermenting a beer with the BE-134. The orginal gravity 1.047 fermented down to 1.004. This was 91.49 percent attenuation and  5.64 percent alcohol by volume. I bottled after the beer stayed 1.004 for four days. There's definite Dupont character with this beer so adding the BE-134 didn't overwhelm the Wyeast 3724 character. The fermentation seemed to stall at 1.018, but again, I think I was just being impatient. The fermentation temperature started at 82 and I ramped it up to 90 after a few days to try and speed up fermentation. When it seemed to stall I piched the BE-134 and dropped the temperature down to 80. This was all done using the Brewjacket Immersion Pro. 

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