Sunday, June 28, 2020

The saison-style beer that I brewed a few weeks ago has been bottled. I ended up adding some BE-134 yeast to speed up the fermentation. The Wyeast 3724 slow down but I think I was just impatient after previously fermenting a beer with the BE-134. The orginal gravity 1.047 fermented down to 1.004. This was 91.49 percent attenuation and  5.64 percent alcohol by volume. I bottled after the beer stayed 1.004 for four days. There's definite Dupont character with this beer so adding the BE-134 didn't overwhelm the Wyeast 3724 character. The fermentation seemed to stall at 1.018, but again, I think I was just being impatient. The fermentation temperature started at 82 and I ramped it up to 90 after a few days to try and speed up fermentation. When it seemed to stall I piched the BE-134 and dropped the temperature down to 80. This was all done using the Brewjacket Immersion Pro. 

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Brewed a saison today with six pounds of Briess pilsner DME, one pound of Caravienne malt, East Kent Goldings and Aramis hops fermented with Wyeast 3724 (the famous Dupont strain.} I boiled two ounces of Aramis hops for an hour and one ounce of the Goldings for 20 minutes. I steeped another ounce of Goldings for about 30 minutes starting at 150 degrees. The brew session went well except for miscalculating the evaporation rate. Topped off the fermenter with a little too much water to almost six gallons so I missed my intended original gravity by 10 points. I have the Tilt hydrometer going and the gravity is 1.047 and the temperature is 70. I have the Brewjacket Immersion Pro set to 90F which is supposed to be the outside temperature for the next two days. This will be the first time using the Immersion Pro to raise the temperature to roughly 15 degrees above ambient room temperature. I haven't been able to get the Tilt 2 app for the hydrometer logging correctly. Not sure why. Might try using my other tablet to see if I get better results. Eventually I would like to set up a Tilt Pi.

I'm drinking some of the Japanese Sunshine that I brewed 14 months ago. This a saison-type beer that I make with 70 percent pilsner malt with 30 percent rice. I didn't use rice this time and instead used a William's  liquid malt extract that is 70 percent two-row barley and 30-percent corn. I replaced the Sorachi ace hops with Polish Lubelski and then I got wild and added lemon and sweet orange peel and fermented it with Wyeast 3724 which got stuck, so I added some Wyeast 3711 dregs. It's turned out pretty good, buti is perhaps a touch too sweet.