Monday, May 11, 2020

I plan to bottle the BE-134 Saison tomorrow. I have enough bottles and I appear to have hit terminal gravity at 1.004. That's a 90 percent attenuated beer. I'm guessing it's not going any lower than that because I employed use some wheat extract. I'm anxious to see how this batch turns out. I have a feeling I might want to dry hop it or add some Brett, but we'll see.

I had a bottle a the hoppy red from December in the back of the fridge. Since I need all the bottles I can get, I decided to open this bottle up that I was kind saving for posterity. The batch of an over-carbonated mess, but I don't think it is infected. I just I bottled it too soon with too much priming sugar. Looking back at my notes I think the beer probably hit terminal gravity, as I raised the temperature to 74 (and now I know from using my Tilt Hydrometer that it was probably a few degrees warmer than that.) So I'm sticking with my theory of too much priming sugar. Patience is rewarded with this beer as the foaminess eventually settles leaving a rocky head. The nose if hoppy and so is the flavor with a bit nutty character to go along with caramel malt. Big time Chinook hop flavor in this beer. It finishes quite dry and bitter. Would have been a really good IPA had I not over-carbed it!

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