Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Earlier this evening I bottled my most recent batch, which I'm now referring to as Bière de Juin. It has turned out to be a very spicy, very pale ale. The BE-134 yeast is a monster, taking the beer from 1.043 to 1.004 in about five days. I've bottled on the eigth day of fermentation and the beer is 90 percent attenuated. I feel like this yeast would have fermented more if had not used a portion of wheat. An all malt beer would probably be even drier. The BE-134 yeast throws a tone of esters. It is POF+ in a very big way with pronounced clove flavor and aroma at bottling time. There is a background peppery note which is suitable for saison but so much clove is almost off-putting. We'll see if it dissipates with time, but I'm ont sure I would use this as my primary yeast for a saison. As a secondary yeast it could help to fully attenuate a fermentation and could add some complexity without hitting the drinker over the head with clove. With that said, I think it could be good for more of a winter saison with additional spices or Grand Cru type Belgian-style strong ale,. I'm probably going to keep using my trusted liquid strains for Saison; strains such as Wyeast 3724, Wyeast 3711 and Omega Saisonstein's Monster.

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