Sunday, September 22, 2019

Really bad about updating I tried my hand at a Polish style of beer called Grodziskie. For those that arent' familiar with the style it is made with 100 perent smoked oak-smoked wheat. I used
Styrian Goldings since I couldn't get access to Polish hops. I also fermented with Safale US-05. I was able to keep fermentation temperatures in the upper mid- to upper 60s for this one. It turned out great. Only used four pounds of wheat so the alcohol by volume was below four percent.

After brewing the Grodiziskie (also known as Gratzer) I brewed a Belgian-style hopppy dark ale (a Black IPA is suppose.) For this beer I used six pounds of dark DME, one pound of Special B malt, one pound of dark Belgian candi sugar, one ounce of Chinook (full 60-minute boil) and two ounces of Mosaic Cryo hops. I fermented this with Wyeast French Saison #3711. I bottled this beer today and the hop character was bright with fairly strong hop burn in the finish. Not quite as dark as I expected but we'll see how it is once it clears up.