Monday, January 28, 2019

I'm brewing for the second time with the Gigawort today. One of the problems I had the first time with the Gigawort was malt extract sticking to the bottom of the kettle which triggered the "run dry" sensor causing the unit to shutdown. I used dry malt extract (or as the English call it, spray malt) this time and had no problem. (Dry malt exract tends to float instead of sink.) The recipe this time is what I'm calling Campfire Bock. The recipe is six pounds of Muntons Dark DME, one pound of Melanoidin malt, one pound of Weyermann Beechwood smoked malt, one pound of Weyermann Oak smoked malt and a half pound of CaraAroma. The beer is hopped with one ounce of 11.4 percent AA Magnum hops. I'm going to reusing the WLP 300 yeast from the last batch and plan to ferment at 64 degrees to keep the esters low. It should be interesting. I've used peat smoked malt before in a Scotch ale but I've never used rauch malt. I'm curious as to how much smokiness 20 percent smoked malt will offer. I think I can mash up to five pounds of malt in the Gigawort so I probably could make a pretty smoky beer as long as the original gravity isn't too high.

So after writing the above, I started reading more about smoked beers and I'm kind of fascinated with Grodziskie. I'd like to try brewing one someday. Here's a link if you haven't heard of this style before.