Thursday, September 20, 2018

So I ended up pitching the Wyeast 3711 dregs that I had in my fridge and that woke up the beer from its stuck fermentation. Yes, I had a stuck fermentation with beer at 1.022 after two weeks. I know the Dupont strain is notoriously slow below 90 degrees F, but it's going to start getting even cooler here soon, so I decided to pitch a helper yeast....and help it did! The airlock started bubbling and stayed that way for about three days. I let it go another week before deciding to bottle tonight. I thought about racking to let it sit a bit longer and mature, but I'm having surgery tomorrow and just wanted it bottled up and in case I have a slow recovery. I tasted just a small bit of beer (no hops before surgery) and I was surprised at the lack of heat considering that I added three tablespoons of crushed black pepper. Perhaps the heat will come out more in the finished product.

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