Saturday, September 29, 2018

Brewed again today. I'm on a roll. Driving back home from Matton, Illinois, I stopped at Friar Tuck in Savoy, south Champaign-Urbana. Friary Tuck sells homebrew supplies, so I picked up a Brewer's Best Pale Ale kit, but I substituted the included hops (Lemon Drop and Citra) with Falconer's Flight 7c's. I added one ounce in the boil for 60 minutes and steeped another ounce. I have yet another ounce that I will dry hop with for two days after the initial primary fermentation. I pitched US-05 yeast which so far is fermenting at about 72 degrees F. For those wondering, the Brewer's Best Pale Ale kit includes two cans of pale malt extract and one pound of CaraRed malt (along with aforementioned hops.) The measured gravity was 1.050 and a calculated 38 IBUs.

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