Saturday, September 29, 2018

Brewed again today. I'm on a roll. Driving back home from Matton, Illinois, I stopped at Friar Tuck in Savoy, south Champaign-Urbana. Friary Tuck sells homebrew supplies, so I picked up a Brewer's Best Pale Ale kit, but I substituted the included hops (Lemon Drop and Citra) with Falconer's Flight 7c's. I added one ounce in the boil for 60 minutes and steeped another ounce. I have yet another ounce that I will dry hop with for two days after the initial primary fermentation. I pitched US-05 yeast which so far is fermenting at about 72 degrees F. For those wondering, the Brewer's Best Pale Ale kit includes two cans of pale malt extract and one pound of CaraRed malt (along with aforementioned hops.) The measured gravity was 1.050 and a calculated 38 IBUs.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

So I ended up pitching the Wyeast 3711 dregs that I had in my fridge and that woke up the beer from its stuck fermentation. Yes, I had a stuck fermentation with beer at 1.022 after two weeks. I know the Dupont strain is notoriously slow below 90 degrees F, but it's going to start getting even cooler here soon, so I decided to pitch a helper yeast....and help it did! The airlock started bubbling and stayed that way for about three days. I let it go another week before deciding to bottle tonight. I thought about racking to let it sit a bit longer and mature, but I'm having surgery tomorrow and just wanted it bottled up and in case I have a slow recovery. I tasted just a small bit of beer (no hops before surgery) and I was surprised at the lack of heat considering that I added three tablespoons of crushed black pepper. Perhaps the heat will come out more in the finished product.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

This poor, neglected blog....I have been brewing again and I've brewed a few beers since January(!) including my annual fresh hop English Strong Bitter, a Black IPA and two saisons. The English Strong Bitter was made with fresh Chinook hops from my friend Eric Keeley, it was a good batch and went quickly. I used some of the same hops for the Belgian Black IPA with Wyeast 3711, along with some Simcoe Cryo hops. It was my first time using Cryo Hops and I was very impressed. I was told that this was one of my best beers. Following that batch I brewed a recipe I call Japanese Sunshine. I use Sorachi Ace hops from Japan, Belgian pale malt extract from Willliam's Brewing and rice solids. I fermented this batch with Wyeast 3711. I have only one bottle of this batch left. I have a beer currently in the fermenter. The recipe riffs off of Japanese Sunshine. I replaced the rice solids with a William's liquid malt extract that is 70 percent two-row barley and 30-percent corn. I replaced the Sorachi ace hops with Polish Lubelski and then I got wild and added lemon and sweet orange peel and fermented it with Wyeast 3724. I wasn't sure of the age of yeast but I used it anyways and it seems to be stuck, so I'm deciding what other yeast I might want to add to get it finish. I still have 3711 dregs so I might use that, but I'm tempted to add the dregs form a Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere. I've done that before with pretty spectacular results.