Saturday, January 27, 2018

Brewed another batch with Wyeast 3522 today. Fermentables included Six pounds of Munton's DME with a pound of Briess Prinz Black malt, a pound of liquid extra dark candi syrup, a half pound of flaked barley and a half pound of torrefied wheat. I boiled about four ounces of whole Chinook hops for 60 minutes. I added no other hops. I have an ounce of Simcoe Cryohops for dry hopping. It may already be obvious that I'm going for a Belgian Black IPA. Fermenter temp is 68F to 72F. Pitched cool at about 68 degrees. The water going through the chiller was 50F. Fairly warm today for January (about 50 degrees) but temperatures are forecast to drop off substantially into the teens or colder this week so should be able to keep the temperature of the wort under 75. I haven't made a really dark beer in a long time so I'm a bit anxious!