Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Chinook red came out more amber. It's a bit more Ruedrich's Red Seal than Santa's Private Reserve but I'm okay with that. There's a pleasant (not too assertive) Chinook hoppiness that mixes well with the malts and English yeast.

A couple weeks ago I brewed a Belgian-style golden ale with more of the homegrown Chinook hops. I was going for a Belgian IPA. I used about five ounces of whole Chinooks and another ounce of pellets. I have the feeling that my hop utilization might not be as good as expected and I might end up with more of Belgian pale ale or saison. I used Wyeast #3522 Belgian Ardennes which seems to throw a lot of phenolics at first but they dissipate after several weeks or months and the beer ends up fairly dry. It was an all extract batch with Briess Pilsen extract. I used two cans of the LME and two pounds of the DME. I was going to add spices, but I forgot to add them. I checked on the beer a couple days ago (about a week into fermentation) and there was still quite a bit of krausen on top. I'm thinking of racking to a secondary with some more of the Chinook hops and maybe adding a bit of lactic acid for some tartness. We'll see...

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