Monday, July 03, 2017

The saison is bottled and sits for awhile. Gravity dropped from 1.049 to 1.006. Not bad. Saved the yeast to brew again. Color was darker than I expected but I guess that's okay as long as it's dry. Would like to brew a batch of beer I've called Japanese Sunshine. Japanese hops, rice, a touch of wheat and a bunch of pils malt fermented with a saison yeast. A friend recently sampled a bottle from long ago and was very pleased so I've decided that I should brew this beer again.

Friday, June 02, 2017

One may argue there's no point to posting as this blog has just been a series of fits and starts for the last couple years, but I've decided to brew again. It seems like the hardest part is just getting to the homebrew shop. Sure, I could mail order, but I have access to a pretty awesome local homebrew supplier and I'd rather shop local.

I plan to brew a simple all extract saison tomorrow. I have six pounds of amber malt extract, three ounces of Kent Goldings hops and pack of Wyeast 3724 which I pitched into a starter yesterday. I'll be fermenting around 75-77 degrees. It'd be nice if it was warmer but it's only June in northern Illinois. As long as temperatures stay steady I should be OK. If the notorious 3724 does get stuck, I'll probably pitch some Safbrew T-58 to finish things off.

I'm drinking a saison that I brewed last October and it is quite good. There is a rose water fruitiness a light bitterness and dry finish.  About all you can hope for in a traditional saison I suppose.

Friday, April 28, 2017

I've been very busy with life outside of brewing the past few months but I've been thinking about getting back to it. One of the brews I still have around is a bit disappointing. My Chinook bitter seems to have succumbed to an infection that has caused it to be over-carbed. It tastes okay, but it's a fizzy mess. The Chinook saison, on the other hand, shows no evidence of any Chinook hop flavor but is pretty tasty. There is an oddly floral aroma with a light caramel sweetness but that is countered by a dry rusticity. I typically brew a couple saisons once the weather starts getting warm and I think it might be time. The key to a good saison in my experience is time. All of saisons ways taste a little more complex after one year. In that way, brewing saison is kind of like brewing wine. I find this interesting as the Dupont strain of yeast is rumored to have come from a wine yeast.