Sunday, October 16, 2016

OK, so I've bottled both batches -- I did indeed brew a Chinook saison along with an English bitter. The bitter needs some age I think, it tasted a bit green the other night, but the saison -- which I bottled earlier today -- has some serious potential. It is very dry and has a pleasant peppery spiciness in the nose and in the flavor.  Oddly, I don't notice any telltale signs of Chinook hops. The English ale might end up a bit boring. I'm thinking both beer could have benefited from some dry hopping. Both beers have to site a few more weeks before any too serious judgement is made about them. I now have four cases of beer conditioning. I think I'll take another break from brewing until it gets to be winter and then maybe I'll brew an altbier.

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Marc said...

The bitter is coming along, fairly close to style, although with more late hoppiness than style. I'm having the saison tonight and it's too sweet with too much coriander. I used a little more than a tablespoon. Color and carb are fine, but the finish is just too sweet. Not sure how to rectify this...perhaps adding a drop of hop extract to each glass would do the trick.