Sunday, September 18, 2016

The stove has been fixed for weeks, but I have not brewed a beer...until tonight. I toyed with the idea of brewing a saison, but I've been busy with work and other things and it didn't happen. A lot of fresh homegrown Chinook hops could be coming my way and still had an ample quantity from the previous I brewed an English IPA this evening. Everything went pretty well. The fermentatbles included two cans of Munton's Maris Otter LME, a pound of Weyermann CaraRed malt, about six or seven ounces of torrefied wheat and five ounces of corn sugar. I used an ounce of Chinook pellets for bittering and a quarter pound of my friend Eric Keeley's homegrown Chinook hops were steeped at the end of the boil. They were last year's crop, dried and stored in the freezer. They still smelled great, not cheesy or anything. Lots of resin. I'm using American hops, but I'm calling the beer an English IPA because I used Maris Otter malt extract and I pitched Wyeast London Ale III which is a very temperature forgiving English ale yeast. The optimal fermentation range for this yeast is 64F-74F. As I type this the wort is currently about 85F. I'm hoping my Brewjacket immersion chiller will bring the temperature down to at least 74F before fermentation really starts rocking. It's really too warm to brew a "normal" ale right now. The outside temperature is in the 80s and my tap water I use for chilling is in the 70s. I suppose I should of stuck with my idea to brew a saison-type ale. Has anyone ever brewed a saison with Chinook hops? Nevermind, this guy has and it seems like it turned out pretty good. Damn.