Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The stove is fixed! I repaired the receptacle that was damaged and the 10-inch burner on my electric stove is back in action. I tested it today by cooking some pinto beans for a couple hours and the burner did not quit. I plan to go to the  homebrew store tomorrow to pick up ingredients for a saison.

I'm celebrating the repaired stove with a glass of Control ALT Delete, the altbier I brewed a few months ago. It was fermented in my BrewJacket with great results! This altbier is probably the cleanest beer that I have brewed. There are absolutely no off-flavors. The carbonation is a touch high, but there are no off-flavors. In my opinion, the perfect alt should be clean and bitter in the finish with a solid body but a somewhat dry finish. I think I nailed that with this beer. The aroma is slightly hop-accented, but not out of the specifics for the style. (I used Spalter hops.) Although the carbonation seems a bit too bright, I do think it accentuates the hop bitterness, which I like. On to the homebrew shop!