Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Well, my red ale turned out okay, but I'm having stovetop issues. I think that all my years of brewing are taking a toll on my electric stove. I'm trying to decide if I want to go induction or just continue taking a break from the hobby. I seem to have less and less time these days. I don't even cook as much as I used to do. I blame it on being in a new job and being on the road most of the week which is a new lifestyle for me.

So, the Eastchester Red, the last beer I brewed is a little off the mark in terms of bitterness. This is no doubt due to the burner quitting on me during the boil. I'm not sure exactly at what point the burner quit, but I'm guessing I boiled my hops for 35 minutes instead of 60. That said, the beer is not a complete disaster. It is a bit of a malt-forward beer but the bitterness does balance it just enough. The use of amber malt really seems to have added the coffee character that some people describe along with a profoundly robust and deep caramel malt flavor. The other thing I've noticed with this batch is that the carbonation takes a while to integrate into the beer. I have to chill the bottles for several days in the back of fridge to the carbonation to calm down, but it is eventually perfect. The batch before this one was an alt and that is holding up quite well, although it seems a little plain, as it is not quite as bitter as I would or that malt forward. A very balanced, if not boring beer, but one with no other flaws and very clean.

Part of me would like to brew again, but I just don't trust my stove anymore, and I'm having a difficult time finding parts for it. Another part of me wants to go ahead and try induction. I should probably just fix the damn stove.