Monday, January 18, 2016

Control Alt Delete Bottled

I work with computers, so when I make an Altbier, I usually name it Control ALT Delete. I just finished bottling my latest Altbier. This time it is simply the Brewer's Best Altbier kit, except I substituted an ounce of Magnum hops (12% AA) instead of Willamette to up the IBUs and fermented with Wyeast 1010. I did a primary ferment for seven days at 65F and a secondary ferment at 55F for 20 days. At bottling time this evening the beer exhibited a very pleasant clean, malty nose with very subtle hints of Hersbrucker with a fairly assertive bitterness. The caramel malt mingles well with the peppery hop. I'm quite pleased so far. I might try my hand at more northern interpretation of the style (darker) or I might do a French country ale.

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