Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The tale of two Westchesters

My friend Eric Keeley lives in the eastern part of Westchester, Illinois. He calls this part of town "Eastchester." He grows Chinook hops in his backyard and this year produced many, many pounds of hops. I used these hops in a batch a beer back in September which as long since been bottled. This homegrown hops were the only ones I used in this batch and the beer turned quite nice. The hops were not real prominent in the beer but you could tell they were there. The British yeast (Wyeast 1318) seemed to express itself more than the hops. In fact, this was the second time I've noticed a rose water-like fruitiness while using this yeast. Something about the higher fermentation temps (in the 70s) is what I suspect brings about this flavor. It is very pleasant.

I've bottled another batch of this same beer, except I added some Chinook pellets. Four ounces worth to be exact, which seems to have pumped up the hop flavor immensely...I dare say almost too much. I'm sure the beer will mellow in the bottle though and perhaps the hops will fade. However, at this point I'm inclined to dub this batch Little Bastard, because it tastes like the little brother of Stone Arrogant Bastard. Time will tell.

Here is the recipe for that latest batch of Eastchester Red.