Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I finally found the courage and the time to brew. The burner on my stove worked just fine and I was able to do a quick extract batch after work today. It was my first time using the Belle Saison dry yeast from Lallemand. I brewed a very simple all extract batch of one three-pound can of Briess Pilsen LME and two pounds of Munton's Light DME. I used Huell Melon as my single hop for bittering; using one ounce of pellets at the start of the 60-minute boil and two ounces with 12 minutes left in the boil. This is my first time using Huell Melon and I was tempted to keep the beer real simple to let the hop character express itself, but I decided to also add a bunch of spices. I may dry hop with another ounce of Huell Melon that I have remaining. The spices I added included Trader Joe's Flower Pepper (which I can't find anymore), culinary-grade lavender, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander, some crushed juniper berries and ground black pepper. Everything was pretty much equal except for the coriander and lavender (about one and a half tablespoons  each and maybe a tablespoon of black pepper. A real hodgepodge and a little heavy on the quantities of spices, but I was feeling adventurous. The beer won't be very strong, likely just above four percent alcohol, so it will definitely be a highly sessionable beer. That said, I'm hoping to cellar at least half the batch until next summer.