Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wee Heavy Bottled, Blood Orange IPA Racked

Took a half day off work on Monday and got caught up on some homebrewing. First, I moved the Wee Heavy Scotch Ale I brewed about six weeks ago out of cold storage and bottled it. Bottling went well. I was amazed at how the six weeks of lagering cleared up the beer. I actually roused some yeast in fear that not enough would be suspension for the beer to carbonate -- probably unnecessary I know, but my hydrometer sample tasted delicious -- I really want this beer to turn out!

The second part of my afternoon was to rack the Blood Orange IPA into the Better Bottle that I used to lager the Wee Heavy. I went for broke, and since there was so little yeast sediment, racked right on top of the the yeast. Well, first I added an ounce of Zythos hop pellets for dry hopping. A taste test a few days ago revealed that this beer was lacking the hop aroma I wanted. It mostly smelled fruity; kind of an English aroma with maybe just a hint of tropical fruit. The beer is very cloudy, so I'm thinking of lagering this one, too, but I'm also considering using some Polyclar for the first time, but I read that it works best when the beer is kept very cold. I fear the combination of the clarifier plus lagering might have me adding more yeast before bottling.

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