Sunday, December 02, 2012

Merry Ale Tasted

Well, the Marcobrau Merry Ale has turned out nice, with a surprisingly earthy, minty hop aroma and a smooth minty hop-accented caramel malt body. No discernible off flavors. Rather balanced, especially in the finsh. Yes, I'm quite pleased, although I expected more bitterness. This beer sort of reminds of Rogue St. Rogue Red (the old version.) I will be handing out 22-ounce bottles of the Merry Ale to friends and other folks this holiday season. In the meantime, I've ordered a Wee Heavy kit from Northern Brewer. I've brewed this kit before with good results. I plan to do the primary ferment in my kitchen at about 73-75 degrees, then I'll move the beer to a 55-60 degree environment for secondary fermentation for about two months before bottling. Patience, patience...

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