Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dry Stout: Almost Gone!

I've really been enjoying the dry stout I made back in January. In fact, I've been enjoying it so much I forgot to post an update here. I really wanted to get a video up of the Party Pigs in action, which I did, but then I also managed to mistakenly erase the video I shot. Anyone interested in how the Party Pigs work should check the video downloadable at the manufacturer's site. I've since brewed another batch of the stout and I'm planning on filling the Party Pigs once again. For the rest of tonight I'm working on draining my second pig of stout so I can refill the "pigs" and get the fermenter empty for the blonde ale I plan on brewing tomorrow night.

The grain bill (partial mash) for the blonde include Belgian Pils malt, Briess Special Roast and Torrefied Wheat. The remainder of the fermentables will be made up of Munton's Extra Light DME. The hops will be Columbus. I wanted to use Magnum hops, but my LHBS was out of stock.