Monday, January 30, 2012

Brew Session: Revisiting Irish-style Dry Stout

Brewed an Irish-style dry stout for the first time in awhile yesterday (like maybe seven years!) I brewed the stout with three pounds of Munton's DME and one pound each of Dingemans Belgian de-bittered black, a third-pound of some left over Weyermann Carafa III de-husked malt, and a pound each of Thomas Fawcett roasted barley and flaked barley. I added one ounce of Galena bittering hops at 30 minutes left in the 60-minute boil and pitched an Activator pouch of Wyeast 1335. I think the brew session went well and you can actually see for yourself below. I plan to serve up the stout in a couple of my Party Pigs from Quoin, as ales always seem to be extra creamy when served from one of the Pigs. I plan to do a video update of the packaging of the beer in the Party Pigs once the beer is finished fermenting.

The Brewing of a Dry Stout from Marcobrau on Vimeo.

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Aging Ophelia said...

Wicked! Don't stop posting, now I've just found you!