Monday, September 19, 2011

Flower Pepper Saison Tasted

I finally have two batches in the bottle and I'm already burning through the first one, what I'm simply calling "Flowers." I chose the name because I used lots of late and dry additions of Crystal hops. I also used a seasoning from Trader Joe's called Flower Pepper late in the boil to add complexity and aroma. Flowers is a saison-style ale and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially for a beer made with about 85 percent malt extract and 15 percent grains. I used a mix of dry and liquid extract along with a pound of 40L crystal malt for color. Aside from the wonderfully flowery aroma and great flavor, what I'm most impressed about with this beer so far is how dry it turned out. I had to go back in my notes and double-check that I didn't add any sugar to increase the dryness. It's definitely one of my drier saisons and drier than the last I brewed back in June with Wyeast 3725 as opposed to the 3724 (Dupont strain.) The Wyeast 3724 truly worked its magic when fermented at around 83-85 degrees in my kitchen in late August. We had a couple 90 degree days which helped keep the temperature up and the yeast very happy. Best I can tell, the beer ended up reaching apparent attenuation of about 80 percent. What I'd like to do (what I may have to do because it's getting cooler out) is brew up another batch of this stuff, but with the Wyeast 3711 strain, one with which I've brewed a rather dry saison in the past. I'd definitely use the Flower Pepper again, too, as it seems to add a complex fruitiness. It drinks like a flowery Pils with a tart finish. A great beer for year round; maybe a new house beer.

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