Monday, September 19, 2011

Dash the Curry Pale Ale

I brewed a Belgian Pale Ale called "Dash the Curry." The name is derived from the slang term meaning to "hurry up" which is what I had to do on brew day as I also bottled Flowers the same day. I also used some curry spices known as Garam Masala late in the boil which should add an interesting complexity. Dash the Curry is another extract brew with grains; five pounds of pilsner malt extract, one pound of wheat, a half pound of cane sugar and a quarter pound of Carafa I from Weyermann maltings in Germany. I single-hopped the brew with Styrian Goldings and added an ounce of coriander along with the curry spices in the last five minutes of the boil. I had intended to repitch the Wyeast 3724 to get more saison-like beer, but I ended up pitching a rehydrated packet of Safbrew T-58. I thought the temperature of my kitchen would be moderate enough for this strain (mid- to high-70s) but it ended getting up into the 80s, so the yeast seems to have thrown a massive amount of esters. My plan is to let the beer condition at room temperature for 7-10 days and then move as much of it into the fridge in the hopes of lagering out some of the harsher esters.

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