Monday, August 22, 2011

Lots of work to do...

Wow. This year has been a brutal year for brewing: only 10 updates so far in 2011. I have a lot of work (brewing) to do in the next four months!

Dusting Off the Brew Kettle

Dusted off the brew kettle today and brewed a saison-style ale. It will ferment with Wyeast 3724 and the recipe includes Flower Pepper from Trader Joe's. The malt bill is six pounds of Briess pilsner malt extract (three liquid, three dry) and a pound of 40L Briess Caramel malt. The hops were all Strisselspalt and Crystal, with Crystal only used at the end of the boil (steeped.) I added the Flower Pepper at 15 minutes to the end of the boil. The temperatures outside are supposed to be in the mid- to upper-80s the next couple days, so hopefully my yeast will like those temps and attenuate well. I steeped the grains in a separate pot and strained into the kettle, washing with hot (not yet boiling) wort. All went well in the brew session, except that I pushed the grommet of my new fermenter into the wort. Hopefully this won't cause any problems. I added four ounces of Strisselspalt hops at the start of the 60-minute boil, an ounce at 45 minutes into the boil and a half-ounce of Crystal at the end of the boil right before cooling with my immersion wort chiller. I also added a few extra grind of the Flower Pepper at this time. My final volume was a little greater than I expected; slightly more than 5.5 gallons. Here's hoping I have enough head space for this yeast to do it's thing.