Monday, July 25, 2011

The Homebrew Cellar is Dwindling!

Been so busy with work lately (and other hobbies) that I haven't got to brew in the last few weeks. The result is that my stash of homebrew is dwindling somewhat. My IPA I brewed back in April is gone and almost all of the Liquid Sunshine hoppy wheat is gone (this is sad.) The last beer I brewed was the saison that I reference in my last post. That beer has cleaned up a bit (at least the portion that I cellared, the rest of it that I left in my hot kitchen is a little too phenolic.) Delving deeper into my collection I've found that I still have a case or so of my Dragon Slayer Belgian-style Double IPA that I bottled back in October. I sampled one of these earlier this evening and the "Belgian" character (along with the malt flavors) are more assertive than the last time I sampled this beer. Quite tasty and also quite strong. Next up was my tart cherry-infused Belgian-style stout which dates back to October 2009. This is a beer that is still in fine condition. There's no doubt that it's benefited from storage in a cool basement for most the last couple years or so. It's really a rather awesome nightcap beer. I can still smell plenty of the cardamom that I added to this beer, although it fades after a bit and more woody aromas emerge, coupled with cocoa or baker's chocolate. These aromatics give way to a delicate dark chocolate malt flavor that is followed by a wine-like complex flavors of cherry pit, leather, and an earthy spiciness I attribute to the cardamom that leads to a tart, dry finish with just a bit of chocolate and an even lesser hint of coffee. Quite awesome if I dare say so myself.