Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hoppy Amarillo Wheat Bottled

Bottled up the hoppy wheat and it sure is tasty so far. Lots of Amarillo hop goodness with a soft wheat malt backbone. It's surely going to finish under five percent alcohol by volume so this is going to be a batch that should be quaffed and gone quickly. That is why I have another beer on deck in the secondary with dry hops. This next beer is an English IPA that was a bit of a disaster on brew day. I bought two three-pound bags of dry malt extract for this beer and started the brew session by removing the ingredients from a brown paper bag one at a time, only to finish the brew session with one three-pound bag of extract still in the bag. Whoops! I ended up making a second wort (which boiled over) that I cooled and added to the fermenter. Tasted at racking this disaster of a beer tasted quite fruity which I suspect is the effect of Nottingham yeast fermented a bit too warm. I also picked up a cheesy aroma which is more distressing. I added about an ounce of Chinook hops and hoped for the best. I have my fingers crossed that this English IPA won't end up a waste of time and money.

Details on the Hoppy Wheat here.