Sunday, October 31, 2010

Belgian-Style Spiced Porter Racked

Racked the Spiced Porter back on the 26th and it tasted pretty good, but it was a bit lighter in color than I anticipated. I took a gravity reading and calculated that the beer was only 68 percent attenuated -- a ways to go before hitting my expected final gravity of 1.012 or 1.013 or so. I've read that the yeast that I used, Wyeast #3787 was a good one for the incremental feeding of sugars, so I threw caution to the wind and added one pound of dark brown sugar dissolved in one pound of boiled water -- we'll see how the yeast responds to that -- I'm a little worried that it might take off and new krausen will start that will blow the airlock, but maybe I'm being too optimistic? I've never added sugar or more wort to the secondary before so I'm interested in how it'll work out. I'd like to get a good bit more of fermentation going.

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