Sunday, October 17, 2010

Winter Porter

I brewed what I'm calling Winter Porter, which will likely be my Christmas beer this year. It's a spiced beer fermented with Wyeast 3787. The principal spice (the one that I used the most) was juniper berries. I've used juniper before in a porter with some black licorice and it turned out pretty good, however I'm already worried that I used too much juniper (I used a half-ounce.) My concern is based on the perception that the juniper smelled really strong during the brew session. The other spices I used included star anise, cumin, black pepper and sweet orange peel. I went real easy on these spices and only used a quarter-ounce of each. I hoping the spices blend well with the Strisselspalt and Crystal hops that I used late in the boil. I kept the bitterness moderate; probably could have even notched it down a bit. I threw caution to the wind and did not use a starter. The full recipe is here.

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