Sunday, October 03, 2010

Raiding the Cellar

Having a beer out my cellar this evening and that beer is New Glarus ALT. This is a beer I originally reviewed on Beer Advocate in March 2009 and a few bottles have been sitting in my cellar ever since.

About 18 months later the ALT has smoothed out, is less harsh and rather tasty. The carbonation is still rather effervescent, but the nose is much less boozy (not really boozy at all) with a ton of oak. It may be a touch drier, at least up front until a caramel apple and boozy fruitcake middle and a caramel candy, boozy and warming finish that is just short of too sweet or cloying. It's quite a beer and it seems to be working well as a digestive. It's an interesting beer in that it's much more like an English Old Ale than an actual German Alt. It's sort of like a hybrid of a Doppelsticke Alt and an Old Ale which, as it turns out, is a decent marriage of flavors. I think this beer will continue to improve over at least the next five years.

And, yes, there's still a carboy with a little shy of five gallons of a homebrewed hoppy, estery creation that I suspect will turn out as something like a Belgian Strong Ale that has been hopped to American Double IPA standards. This beer will be bottled as soon as I have enough bottles together. It's a beer that will easily be more than 10 percent alcohol so I'm thinking I might bottle it in 12-ounce bottles. I just have to round 'em all up since they're at two locations.

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