Sunday, October 24, 2010

Belgo-American Double IPA Bottled

Filled 36 bottles with Belgo-American IPA that I think could be a winner but not necessarily in the "category" of Double IPA even though in ProMash I calculated the alcohol content to be about 10 percent and the bitterness in excess of 120 IBUs. It seems that all the DME I added (nine pounds worth) created quite a bit of caramelization in the kettle and perhaps sweetened up this beer, but so far I'm rather pleased with the effect. The result is a beer that comes across like an exceptionally bitter and herbal version of Gulden Draak. That may sound off-putting to someone who is fond of Gulden Draak, but I really think that with some age that this could mellow into more of a "dark triple" (as Gulden Draak is called) and an outstanding beer. It's just not quite what I thought it would be, at least at this very young stage when all the esters seem to be overwhelming the late additions of very herbal Styrian Golding and Crystal hops. That said, I don't think I'll be disappointed if this beer turns out to be a Gulden Draak clone. Here's the recipe.

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