Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Monster Ale" Racked

Racked the monster ale a few days ago.

The "monster ale" is my latest creation which is something like a Belgian Tripel crossed with an American Double IPA. It's a monster because the two packs of Safbrew T-58 blew started a fermentation that blew the lid off the fermenter. Also, it's already at about 10 percent alcohol. I tasted this concoction and, of course, at this point it's throwing a massive amount of esters with the hops kind of buried. The beer poured cloudy amber with big time esters of banana along with a general tropical fruity aroma. Tasted fruity up front with spicy hops and phenols towards the finish, moderate alcohol burn in the finish which is nicely bitter and fairly dry. Hopefully it gets a little drier. ProMash recipe is here.

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