Monday, August 02, 2010

An Ode to Nicie Spicie

Finally! Bottled my ode to Short's Nicie Spicie this evening after 30 days of fermentationin the primary. The beer pretty much appeared to have stopped fermenting at a gravity of 1.020, but then it started up again with a bubble in the airlock every 5 to 10 minutes or so for the last three weeks and went down to 1.006. This batch fermented in the kitchen which has been an average of about 80 degrees the last month and has been as warm as 84 degrees. So far I'm fairly pleased with how this beer turned out. It has a hazy amber color and smelled phenolic with a touch of smoke and a very light hint of orange. Tastes a touch watery at first then fruity with some light caramel malt flavor, notes of bubblegum and finally a hot, peppery finish. The finish is quite spicy and peppery (probably the best black pepper character yet in one of my "spicy" saisons) but I'm a little bit disappointed in the fruit flavors. I thought the amount of orange peel I added (one ounce) would add a little more orangey flavor.

I primed this batch with about three-quarters a cup of cane sugar and netted 24 22-ounce bottles (two full cases) and I'm quite happy about that! Now I have to start thinking about labels. I blogged earlier about this batch and its ingredients here.