Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Glarus Enigma

Settled in this evening with a 2007 bottle of New Glarus Enigma. I uncap the bottle and pour the contents into a wide-bowl St. Bernadus glass and I wonder who took a cherry pie out of the oven. That's the whiff of cherry aroma from my beer. Upon closer inspection, the aroma is less cherry pie and more cherry wine. It's rustic; with more cherry wood than cherry jam. The flavor of the Engima is reminiscent of cherry wine, too. Although it actually reminds me a bit more of the cherry drink, a sort of cooler from a roadside stand in Northern Michigan. That's because the Enigma is actually quite refreshing. Not so much restorative, as refreshing. This is not to say that isn't complex, because along with the tart cherry there is vanilla, a touch of cinnamon and maybe even a dash of nutmeg. All of these flavors are then rounded in the finish by a milky, lactic sourness. Yes, tart up front and sour in the finish. I'm quite pleased with how this beer tastes two years after I first tried it. My original notes from 2007 can be found at Beer Advocate.

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