Thursday, July 01, 2010

Saison Brew Session Planned

Going to try a brew session tomorrow for a spiced wit/saison type of creation. I have four pounds of Briess dry wheat extract, two pounds of Munich malt and a pound of sugar (although I only intend to use about 10 ounces.) I plan to dose the beer rather heavily with orange and lemon peel along with black pepper in an attempt to emulate Short's Nicie Spicie. The Nicie Spicie is a favorite of mine and most recently enjoyed it at the Beer and Brat Fest last month at Crystal Mountain resort in Thompsonville, Michigan. I love the heat and spice of the peppercorns in this brew. I've been experimenting with adding pepper in beer for a few batches and now I feel like I can get it right, just how I want it. I'll be using French Strisselspalt hops for this beer because I feel they are one of the best hops for spiced beer. Meanwhile, I have two other saisons that are in the bottle and I need to do a side-by-side tasting of them sometime soon.

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