Friday, July 02, 2010

Nicie Spice-inspired Beer Gets Brewed

Brewed this morning as I had planned and it went rather well. I used four pounds of Briess dry malt extract, two pounds of Briess Munich malt and 10 ounces of sugar. I hopped this wort with three ounces of Strisselpalt hops (2.5% AA) added at 60, 30 and 5 minutes left of the 60-minute boil. I also added the following spices: one three-inch long stick of lemon grass (chopped), a quarter-ounce of dried lemon peel, an ounce of dried sweet orange peel, an ounce of crushed coriander seeds and two ounces of ground black pepper. It occurred to me later that I had some fresh limes and that some lime zest would have been nice, too. I'm fermenting this concoction with Wyeast 3724. It's supposed to hit 90 this weekend and the 3724 (supposed DuPont strain) likes it toasty. As I described earlier, this batch is inspired by Short's Nicie Spicie, which gets some decent props on Beer Advocate.

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