Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Petite" Saison is Tasting Good

The "petite" saison I brewed in April is tasting pretty good so far; in fact I think it will turn out great, so I've brewed another version of it and it's fermenting now. The fermentation seems less robust (maybe cooler temps?) but I'm not worried. I'm letting it take it's time as I'm going to need more bottles anyway. There's been a funky smell in the kitchen the last few days, but it doesn't seem to be the fermenting beer, which is good.

In other news, I checked out the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and Craft Brewing Guild "Beer Under Glass" event earlier this evening and I enjoyed it. Here's to hoping they can do it again, maybe with a little more food available? Also, I've seen that J.W. Platek's in McHenry County has ceased brewing. I never got to try their brews, but I'm told other good beers are now on tap. Still sad to see that area's only remaining brewery stop production.