Monday, April 19, 2010

Awesome Apparent Attenuation

It seems crazy, but I racked my saison today and using Promash I calculated an apparent degree of fermentation of 94.9 percent. This seems crazy! This stuff should go down really easy this summer. My hydrometer sample smelled like a black pepper water cracker with a real light touch of citrus. It's got a bitter finish (but not too much so) and is peppery with a cracker-like pilsner maltiness. It's very light in body; almost watery, but the half-pound of torrified wheat I added seems to be adding a touch of body up front. All of this is good, but I'm just shocked that the gravity dropped at least 36 points in eight days. I still went ahead with dry hopping in the secondary, as planned, but I have to say I'm a little afraid. If this beer gets any drier I'll end up with something akin to mineral water. Fortunately, I like mineral water. Here's the recipe, which I feel inclined to brew again straight away if for no other reason than to see if I get the same results. I should note that I added a teaspoon of black pepper and maybe a tablespoon of crushed dried pineapple mint leaves five minutes before the end of the boil which is not listed in the recipe.

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