Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Ambitious Amber

Racked another beer into a Party Pig. This time it's what I'm calling Ambitious Amber. The "ambitious" in the title comes from my idea of brewing this beer after work using a 15-minute boil. I boiled a half-ounce of Chinook hops with three ounces of Crystal for 15 minutes along with three pounds of Munton's DME as well as a simple partial mash of a half-pound each of 150L crystal malt and flaked oats. This beer was fermented with a packet of Fermentis S-05 which I had handy in the fridge. The results has latent, sustained bitterness, is orange in color with a fruity nose. The whole batch (minus massive yeast sediment) was transferred to the Pig with about a third-ounce of dry Crystal pellets. So far this beer has a soft mouthfeel, with sort of fruity flavors up front (orange) with some odd, estery flavors (can't quite describe, will hopefully lager out.) The bitterness is pretty assertive for the estimated 40 IBUs. My only other concern with this batch is that Party Pig pouch is situated inside the Pig where it might block the flow. I will relax with homebrew and not worry. As I relax, I feel the need to apologize that this blog may seem boring. I'm mostly writing to record a history of my homebrewing through the years and I figure I might as well share my experiences with the rest of the world. I used to write more about other beers, but now I'm pretty much focusing on my hombrewing experiences. Maybe this is because I'm mostly drinking homebrew these days?

I'll conclude this post with one beer recommendation. I was very impressed with a beer I split with my wife (a.k.a Marcofrau) earlier this evening. I can highly recommend Avery DuganA IPA. It's quite the impressive hop bomb. It's rather strong at I ended up posting a review over at Rate Beer.

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Marc said...

Just had the thought that a 15-minute boil really isn't that ambitious. Is it?