Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brutal Bitter Clone Pigged

Ended up "pigging" the Brutal Bitter-alike and thought I might yield a few extra bottles, but with all the hops (including those from the previous batch since I racked on top of slurry) I only yielded enough to fill the Party Pig. My last experience with the Pig wasn't so good. The pouch didn't activate. It took a couple tries, but this time I actually heard the pouch activate as I pressurized the Pig with the included hand pump.

I enjoyed a pint (or two) of this beer while packaging and it was quite delicious. There's an assertive bitterness, but a complex malt character that lets the yeast express itself. This is the second batch I've made with the Rogue Pacman yeast and it tasted more Rogue-like than the first.

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