Friday, March 12, 2010

Ambitious Amber is fermenting away in the kitchen. About three gallons of amber ale brewed on a Thursday night. I implemented a 30-minute boil (in the interest of time) adding three ounces of Crystal hop pellets at 15 minutes left in the boil and a half-ounce of Chinook at five minutes. The malt comprised three pounds of Briess Golden DME and about two-thirds of a pound of 150L Simpsons crystal malt. I intend to put this batch in a Party Pig. I ordered fresh pouches direct from Quoin earlier this evening.

My Rogue Brutal Bitter-alike has been cooling in the fridge for the past 48 hours. I tapped it awhile ago and was mostly pleased with the results. It's not quite as bitter or hoppy as I hoped, but it's a tasty draft bitter and the pour is fantastic. I've ordered a "Pig Pen" (insulated cooler) for the Party Pig and it shall travel...maybe to you!

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