Monday, February 15, 2010

Rogue Yellow Snow Inspired Recipe Gets Brewed

Busy brewing this weekend: brewed a new IPA inspired by Rogue Brutal Bitter and bottled the Rogue Yellow Snow clone. I brewed the new batch first, then bottled the Yellow Snow while the freshly brewed batch was cooling. The bottling didn't go well. First, the transfer hose came off the spigot of the bottling bucket and beer spilled everywhere; then I had trouble getting the beer to flow through the hose once it was reconnected. I lost patience and ended up filling almost a dozen bottles by placing the bottle directly under the spigot. In theory this should be an aeration/oxidation nightmare and the finished the should taste like cardboard, but I'm not too worried because I dry-hopped the heck out of this beer with two ounces of Amarillo. I'm thinking the dry hops might cover up any oxidation. At least half the batch got bottled the right way.

The brewing part of the day went fine without any problems. I'm expected the beer to take off pretty quickly since I racked it on top of slurry and I wasn't disappointed. A healthy krausen developed in about five hours.

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