Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can't believe I haven't mentioned that I have a porter in it's eighth day of fermentation. The yeast was pitched on December 19th and it's been real quiet for a few days now. I plan on keeping it in the plastic primary for a couple more days before I decide on the next step. I'm not sure if I want to rack to the secondary with dry hops or bottle it up. Since I'm going for a west coast-style porter I feel like I should add some dry hops, but I'm going to give it a taste in a couple days and see how I like it. I added a lot of hops (five ounces) in the last 15 minutes of the boil which should add a significant hop flavor, but I'm not sure how much aroma they will add. I haven't used Chinook hops in a few years, but I know they're quite powerful.

My next batch is probably going to be something like a British Mild crossed with a Saison, mostly because I have Safbrew T-58 and some black malt. At this point in the recipe formulation, I'm using Briess Pilsner malt extract, black malt and molasses along with Strisselspalt and Goldings hops. I plan to use the Goldings and some of the Strisselspalt for bitterness with the Strissepalt as the sole aroma hop steeped at the end of the boil.

Looking through my posts, I also see that I've failed to mention that I ordered three pounds of hop pellets from Hops Direct. The pricing seemed a lot better than paying two to three dollars an ounce at the local home brew shop. I now have about one pound each of Chinook, Amarillo and Strisselspalt hops in my freezer.

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