Sunday, November 22, 2009

The cost of Goose Island Christmas Ale appears to have gone up 300 percent from last year and it doesn't appear to be a vastly different beer. I swear I remember picking up a 12-pack of Goose Christmas for $15 last year and this year it's around $7 a 22-ounce bottle. That's an increase of around 10 cents an ounce to 30 cents an ounce! I realize that some of the proceeds are going to charity. I hope most of the proceeds are, because otherwise that kind of money grab is a bit ridiculous. I like big, brown 22-ounce bottles (I use them for my homebrew) but tripling the price of a beer just because it's a smaller batch than last year and packaged in a nice purdy big bottle is not cool. This started with Three Floyds in the last few years with their "special" brews (think Dreadnaught, Moloko, Alpha Klaus, etc.) and now I just drink these beers on draft as it's usually about 10 cents an ounce cheaper than out of the bottle. I guess my grumpiness in regards to the price of some craft beers it just another reason why I brew my own beer. It's often far cheaper to buy ingredients and brew something you like then fork out $85 or more for a case of beer.

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