Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maybe not the best IPA, but darn good so far

I should probably mention (as I have on Twitter) that I brewed a Brewer's Best kit from LD Carlson about a week ago. I decided to brew an IPA at the last minute on a Sunday and the only homebrew shop that I know of that was open in my area didn't have all the ingredients for the recipe I had created. I really wanted to get a brew going (because I had the time, which seems harder to come by these days) so I went with a Brewer's Best India Pale Ale kit. I've brewed a few of these kits before and I've always been pleased with the quality. I liked that the recipe included Victory malt and Columbus and Cascade hops. I actually used some of the aroma hops (Cascades) earlier in the boil to extract more bitterness.

I racked to the secondary yesterday and it seems that my adjusting the hops may have been a good choice as the hop character was a little more assertive than I expected. I could totally pick up on the toasted character of the Victory malt, too. I modified the recipe further by dry hopping with a little more than two ounces of Simcoe hops, which should hopefully add a little more hop spice up front in this brew. I plan on leaving the beer in the secondary as long as it takes for the hops to settle out. The waiting will be hard.

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