Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yeast smoothie of a saison racked

Racked a saison-style ale that I brewed last Sunday. I received a Williams Brewing catalog and got curious about a new Belgian Pale liquid extract that is 90 percent pilsner malt and 10 percent wheat, which seems ideal for brewing a saison. I kept it really simple because I haven't used this extract before (it's new on the market), so I just added three additions of Spalter pellet hops and a little cracked black pepper at the end of the boil.

The liquid that filled the glass carboy that is my secondary fermenter was like a yeast smoothie, but based on my sample it's tasty one. I poured my hydrometer sample into a tulip glass. The beer smelled a bit peppery and quite earthy-yeasty with a bit of lemongrass even though I didn't add any. It tasted very crisp and cracker-like, especially towards the finish with lots of pepper followed by juicy citrus and phenols accented by a floral, spicy character. The hydrometer reading, by the way, showed about 74 percent attenuation. I'm fairly confident this yeast (Wyeast 3724) will keep working, albeit slowly, for a couple more weeks. And, if by chance I don't get the attenuation I'm looking for, I have another yeast (Safale T-58) that I can pitch. I've used the T-58 before with decent results, but I'd to stick with supposed "Dupont" strain if I can. I've posted a Promash recipe report for this recipe here.

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